Combat gods

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ივნისი 29, 2019

აირჩიეთ პლეიერის სასურველი ზომა.

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The battle between two legendary fighters

This is an animation you and I don't see everyday, an animation filled with endless intensity, rush and awesomeness... Best experienced with headphones, So keep up and Enjoy!


Taijutsu&Ninjutsu; Source

Naruto vs Sasuke final battle 01:03 - originally animated by Shing Yamashita

kakashi vs Obito 01:05 - animated by Henry Thurlow

Naruto vs momoshiki 01:34 - animated by Weilin Zhang

Sakura vs Sasori 02:24 - animated by Masaharu Wantanabe

One vs many/Stick figure spotlight by Hyun

Dominate(Rizz, Exortine and Hares part)

Fog hill five elements and

legend of Korra 00:32, 03:52 - originally animated by In-seung Chois.

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